Sunday Listening
The Solid Doctor - Our Sorrow
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The Solid Doctor - “Our Sorrow”

Going out to my dear friend justapoorboy. It really gets going around 5:40, and when I say “gets going” I really mean has a different bass-line than the first part of the track.

I hope you like it.

Benjamin Zephaniah & The Hazardous Dub  Company - Mornin' Come
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Benjamin Zephaniah & The Hazardous Dub Company - Mornin’ Come

Death In Vegas - GBH
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Death In Vegas - GBH

A nice summery number which I recommend consuming alongside a Dark and Stormy (be sure to use a good fiery ginger beer like D&G and not some sugary sweet rubbish).

Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope
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Fat Freddy’s Drop - “Hope”

I put a short (video) version of this up the other day, but have taken it down since I’ve realized that this full version is less than 10mb.

It is a beautiful builder of a dub track that doesn’t really kick in until about 6 minutes in, but it’s all about the build up.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.