Sunday Listening
Abdullah Ibrahim & Buddy Tate - Shrimp Boats
1,137 plays

Abdullah Ibrahim and Buddy Tate - “Shrimp Boats”

Gregory Porter - 1960 What?
2,147 plays

Gregory Porter - “1960 What”

This is pretty powerful stuff, which sadly has lost a little something in the compression. If you like the track, buy it. It sounds fantastic in high quality.

Grover Washington, Jr. - Mister Magic
2,569 plays

Grover Washington Junior - “Mister Magic”

The Souljazz Orchestra - Kapital
129 plays

The Souljazz Orchestra - “Kapital”

Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Trio - I Remember You/A Child Is Born/Tenderly
100 plays

Oscar Peterson Trio - “I Remember You/A Child Is Born/Tenderly”

Jimi Tenor - Outta Space
30 plays

Jimi Tenor - Outta Space

Art Farmer - Soul Sides
40 plays

Art Farmer - Soulsides

Gene Russell - Get Down
40 plays

Gene Russell - Get Down

The bassline from this track was used in one of my favourite tracks of the nineties (coming soon), and I love how the whole track is really lazy and sounds as if none of the musicians can be bothered to play.

Bob James - Take Me To The Mardi Gras
609 plays

Bob James - Take Me to The Mardi Gras

Sampled to death by hip hop producers old and new, the original still takes the cake (the cheesecake, that is).

Buddy Rich - The Beat Goes On
131 plays

Buddy Rich - The Beat Goes On

I’ve never heard the original Sonny & Cher version, but I don’t imagine it’s as good as this one.